There are a wide variety of career and grad school events that take place on our platform. You will need to create an account before registering for an event. When creating an account, please select the appropriate account type based on how you plan on participating in events.

Account types:

  • Employer- Representing a company recruiting for job opportunities; registering your company to participate in a career event
  • Academic Institution-Representing a school recruiting for grad or school programs; registering your school to participate in a grad school event

Once your event registration is processed, you will receive a confirmation email giving you the next steps in setting up your organization's profile and preparing for the event.

Yes. Organizations will have to register separately for each event if they want to attend both days of the event.

Organization Profile

In order to update your organization profile, you must be the account admin. To make any changes to the logo, profile details, and website links, please follow the below steps:

  • Select 'Admin' at the top of the account page
  • Select 'Edit' Organization Profile
  • Select 'Edit' on the default profile or event-specific profile
  • Edit profile details by clicking on 'About' tab and then clicking on the pencil icon

If you would like it displayed on your profile page, please contact CareerEco for assistance. Email a video link in YouTube or Vimeo format to

  • Select 'Admin' at the top of the account page
  • Select 'Edit' Organization Profile
  • Select 'Edit' on the default profile or event-specific profile
  • Click on the 'Contacts' button and then select the pencil icon. Please note that social media links need to include https:// at the beginning of the web address

General Questions

  • A designated profile page for each organization to showcase the unique brand
  • An organization room that allows for real-time engagement in groups and personalized one-to-one interactions
  • Multiple representatives can attend sessions simultaneously
  • Conduct video/audio broadcasts or screen-share presentations to multiple attendees simultaneously
  • Access to resumes of registered candidates
  • Unlimited job postings

Each virtual event takes place online on our platform. Participating organizations will have an account where they will register for an event, complete their profile, add users to their account, and establish a room for event day. The participating organization will set event times where they may interact with registered candidates on event day either in a group, main room or in a private room. Each event has set event times and organizations are not required to have hours the entire time of the event. They may set the times to whatever works best for their recruiting needs. However, the event times do have to take place during the set hours of the event.

You may update missing profile information/add event times at any time. However, we encourage organizations to complete profile details and add their event times as soon as possible, as candidates will begin registering and reviewing organizations immediately once an event is live on the schedule.

The designated admin for the account may add new users through the 'Admin' section of the account dashboard. The admin will complete the following steps to add user(s):

  • Go to 'Admin'
  • Click on 'New User' (greenbutton to the right)
  • Enter the name and email address of the new user
  • Click on 'Save'

After saving, the new user will receive an automated email with their own unique login details which will grant them access to the account and registered events. Please note, only one registration is required to participate in an event. After registration is complete, if additional representatives need account access in order to participate in an event, they must be added to the account by the account admin.

There is no limit to the amount of representatives on the account.

Click here for a link to the Best Practices for Organizations document

Tech Requirements

We provide email and phone support to organization representatives. We also have a dedicated support team available in the event to answer any questions.

Phone: 770-874-7807


Remember you MUST log in on a Desktop or Laptop with an updated version of Chrome, Firefox or Edge.


Important Information for using Broadcasting and Multi-Media

  • Utilize broadcasting tools (Screen Sharing, Audio, and Video) in the main room
  • Up to three individuals may each broadcast audio or video in the main room
  • Screen Sharing can be utilized by one presenter at a time, while two other individuals may use audio simultaneously
  • Representatives may either broadcast video or share their screen
  • Representatives may share their screen to play a slideshow but may not broadcast pre-recorded media or videos
  • Each representative has the option to conduct private one-to-one video interactions with candidates
  • Multiple representatives may conduct private video interactions simultaneously

Candidate Data

Organizations may view candidate data as soon as their registration is approved for the event.

To View Candidates:

  • Go to Candidates > All Candidates
  • Optional: To view registered candidates from events that happened more than 7 days ago, toggle the 'Show All Events' checkbox
  • Select the desired event from the 'Select Event' dropdown menu
  • Use filters and various key criteria ('My Chat Favorites', 'My Liked Candidates', 'Expressed Interest'), to identify candidates of interest

While reviewing the list of participating organizations in an event, candidates are able to indicate interest. This is an optional step for candidates and is not required. However, candidates that do choose to complete this step have taken the time to go above and beyond, so you may want to make a note of those who indicated interest.

You may obtain a list of candidates who expressed interest from the 'Candidates' tab, selecting the event, and checking the 'Expressed Interest' filter.

You will also see a blue check box symbol next to the candidates' names in the list of registered candidates for the event.


Yes, you may message candidates prior to your event through the CareerEco platform. Please reference the steps listed below to send a message to candidates.

NOTE: The system sends notifications of messages out at 11am & 11pm ET.

  • Click on 'Messages' located at the top right of the web page
  • Click on the blue button 'Compose Message'
  • Select the fair from which you would like to have candidates receive your message
  • Enter the subject and body of the message
  • Review the content of your message and click 'Next'
  • On this page, you can sort through candidates to determine whom to message. For example, you can click 'Select Candidate Type(s)' and choose from 'Expressed Interest,' 'Chat Favorites' or 'Liked Candidates' from the drop down. Then, click the orange button 'Add all Users'

You can send a message to all candidates registered for the event or you can filter by those who have 'Expressed Interest', 'Liked Candidates', 'Chat Favorites', or other parameters like degree/majors.

Job Postings

To add job postings, please follow these steps:

  • Select 'Event Dashboard'
  • Select the 'Job Postings' tab
  • Select the 'Add New Job Posting' button

If your organization uses a career website and has multiple job openings, you may add the career website as a job posting through the following additional steps:

  • In the Name field, type in 'All Available Positions'
  • In the Description and Required Skill Set boxes, type in, 'Please click on the following link to review All Available Positions'. Since this is a broad posting for all available open positions, leave the 'Position Type,' 'City,' and 'State' tabs untouched/blank (unless all positions are in the same location)
  • In the 'How to Apply' field, type in your Careers Website URL
  • Select 'Save'

Job postings are active for 60 days. You can always update, renew or expire the job posting.


To set-up your own organization room to engage with candidates during the event, you can:

  • Select 'Add Room'
  • Select 'Create a New Room'
  • Add Topic and Welcome Message
  • Please Note: 'Time Zone of the Event' shown in orange
  • Do NOT click the 'Private Room' box.; this will prohibit any candidates from entering your room
  • Select 'Add Event Times'
  • Enter the 'Start' and 'End' times
  • Click 'Save'

This is event specific.

Each organization is permitted 1 main room candidates can enter, as well as one private staff room for internal communication among staff. The main room that you create establishes the time anyone from your company will be in the room. You may use the main room to communicate general information about opportunities/programs.

Each user in an organization account may be identified through use of their 'Chat Display Name'. This is helpful to distinguish between different recruiting areas, positions, school programs, etc.

To distinguish different users by Chat Display Name:

  • Edit each user's 'Personal Details'
  • Add a 'Chat Display Name'

Yes, the private room is just for the individuals on your account. Candidates would not be able to enter the room.

To create private room, please follow the below steps:

  • Next to the desired event, select 'Manage Event'
  • Select 'Edit Room' > 'Create a New Room'
  • Add Topic and Welcome Message
  • Please Note: 'Time Zone of the Event' shown in orange
  • Click the 'Private Room' box. This will prohibit any candidates from entering this private room

This is event specific and can be found within the 'Organizations Learn More' Button on the Event Landing Page.

Representatives may stay and continue their interaction with the candidates. Representatives may leave at any time, which will show that no moderators are online. Leaving it open will allow candidates to be able to go back and see the main room's text history and download files. This is available to the candidates until Midnight Eastern the day of the event unless you close the room.

This is event specific. We typically cap the room at 100 participants per room.

There is no queue. If a room is full, a candidate will need to go to another room and try again later.

The chat participant list is in alphabetical order. If an organization representative has a private interaction with someone, that candidate goes to the top of that representative's list. In the main room, organization representatives will be able to see when each candidate entered the room.

Organization representatives should have a strategy of how they want to engage with candidates. Depending on the size of the event and the number of representatives available, organizations might want to have a moderator interacting in the main room while other reps are conducting private interactions.

An organization representative can invite a candidate to a private interaction. The candidate will receive a notification next to the representative's name. The candidate can click on the representative's name to accept and open the private room window. A candidate may also initiate a private interaction with an organization representative by clicking the down arrow next to the representative's name and inviting them to a private room. The organization representative will receive a notification that they have been invited to a private room.

There is not a limit to simultaneous private text interactions. Only 1 private video interaction can take place at a time.

Only organization representatives can initiate the video share with candidates in private room.

Organization representatives would need to open the private room window first. Then, click 'Start Private Video'.

Yes, we highly recommend for organization representatives to login to the event prior to event day to test out the text and video/audio/screen shared functions.

  • Select 'Add Event Times'
  • Enter the 'Start' and 'End' times
  • Click 'Save'

You can have up to 3 individuals sharing audio/video at one time.

You can have multiple individuals sharing their audio (up to 3), but the individual screen share opens up in a separate tab and is the full size of the screen so there is no way to also share your webcam simultaneously. The person sharing their screen and 2 other individuals can broadcast audio only during a presentation. Only 1 representative can share their screen at a time.

Not at this time, but each organization can access a transcript of their public and private rooms.


Yes, organization representatives may download the 'Chat Room Transcript' report through the 'Reports' section of the account dashboard. The file is available through download in Excel.

The 'Chat Room Participant Report' records all text dialogue (both main and private room) that takes place during an event. Interactions in the main room are listed prior to 'Private Chat.'

Transcripts are only captured during the hours of the event. Any test conversation that takes place prior to the event hours will not appear on the report.

Yes, organization representatives may download the 'Chat Room Participant' report through the 'Reports' section of the account dashboard.

To access the resume books for candidates participating in the event:

  • Select 'Candidates' tab at the top of the dashboard
  • Select 'Event'; please note select 'Show All Events' to show events older than 7 days
  • Select the candidates whom you want to download resumes by 'Candidate Type'
  • Select 'Candidate Reports' (in the upper right)
  • Select 'Resume Book By Selected Candidates' for a PDF file or 'Candidate Report by Selected Filters' for an Excel file

If you are trying to gather the resumes from everyone for the entire event, you will need to follow these additional steps:

  • Scroll to the bottom of the list and change the '25 items per page' to '100 items per page'
  • Filter on 'Has Resume'
  • Select the checkbox at the top left of the list to select all of the candidates
  • Click Candidate Reports in the top right and select Resume Book by Selected Candidates
  • You will need to repeat the last two steps for each page of candidates in the event selected, since the resume books are limited to 100 candidates per file