Important Details for Organizations

Preparing for the Virtual Event

Instructional Videos (1-2 min.):

You must add all Users to your Organization’s Account that you want to participate. Do not have your Users set up their own accounts or they will not be tied to your Organization’s registration.

This is extremely important to complete as soon as possible. Your profile appears blank until it is completed. Branding your Organization to the attendees will help improve the chances of them visiting your sessions.

One person from your team must set up your Organization’s room in order to participate on event day. You may want to also set up a Private chat room for your colleagues to exclusively interact in a separate room during the event.

Your recruiting team will each have access to all pre-registered candidates information and their uploaded resumes before or after the event. You may export it at any time to use within your own applicant tracking system.

Using the new Queue Feature

Note: Some events may not have the Queue feature enabled, so these instructions may not apply.

Using the Room Features

Instructional Videos (Lengths vary):

This is a comprehensive overview of all the features available to your Organization Reps during your event sessions.

This is a quick summary of the core features that most Organization Reps will use during their event sessions.

Preparing for 'Candidate Choice' Meetings