CareerEco Announces Queue Feature—A Candidate Waitlist Optimization Tool

ATLANTA, April 13, 2021— Added to the robust CareerEco virtual event platform, the Queue Feature allows participants to enter a waitlist for one-on-one meetings with employers of interest.

The new Queue Feature gives recruiters another way to optimize candidate interactions during a busy event. Organizations have the option to enable the Queue Feature in their virtual rooms, providing a unique visitor management format not commonly found in similar platforms.

“I truly believe that what sets us apart beyond our technology from other virtual event providers is our client support, said CareerEco Founder Gayle Oliver-Plath. “We continually strive to improve our offerings by listening to feedback from our hosts and attendees. The Queue feature is an outgrowth of what our customers wanted and now brings even greater flexibility, ultimately creating a more successful event for all.”

When the Queue feature is enabled, candidates can enter an Employer’s room and elect to be added to the waitlist to speak with recruiters in a private meeting. Candidates are informed about their place in line so they can multi-task and learn more about other organizations while waiting their turn.

Recruiters have the option to help manage the candidates in their Queue or moderate conversations in a group format. Queue moderators can collectively work their way down the list to meet with each one using the power of technology. Bringing together both structure and on-demand candidate interviewing is a welcomed new add-on to allow for the delivery of group content along side highly personalized recruitment methods.

CareerEco is a pioneer in the recruitment industry, providing unique features which support the changing demands of the virtual event landscape. Its platform allows for customized events that enable online connections in a variety of ways that include open and invitation-only events that leverage collaboration tools with both Queue enabled and by appointment meetings.

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