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Impacting People's Lives
The Brown University School of Public Health's interdisciplinary nature gives it a broad, influential voice in the national dialogue and offers students opportunities to effect change through research.

Areas of Research
The School of Public Health's 13 nationally-renowned research centers and institutes focus training and research on key areas including HIV/AIDS, global health, primary care, prevention, and community health.

Learn by Doing
Brown students possess intense curiosity and aspire to make an impact. At the School of Public Health, mentorship and collaboration reinforce this drive. Our ethos: You'll learn by doing.

Area of Study   Degree Options   Admissions Contact
Master of Public Health   MPH   Diane Schlacter
Behavioral & Social Health Sciences    Master's or PhD   Linda Angela
Biostatistics   Master's or PhD   Liz Lirakis
Clinical & Translational Research    Certificate or Master's   Diane Schlacter
Epidemiology   Master's or PhD   Brittany Leclerc
Global Public Health   Master's   Linda Angela
Health Services Research   PhD   Lisa Noble
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November 14th

Topic: Health Services Research

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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