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The Power of Virtual Fairs

Participating in a Virtual Fair is an excellent way to connect schools with prospective students from across the country and around the world. Please see comments below from prior participants in a past Midwest Law School Virtual Fair. (Click HERE to scroll directly to the Student Comments.)

Comments from School Representatives

  • First, students seem to feel comfortable asking questions when there are multiple participants in the room. At an (in-person) fair, students often wait until another student has left to approach the table. Second, we can involve students, faculty, and other staff in the chat, which we often can’t do otherwise. Third, it is easier to get other work done while we chat if needed.
  • It’s really hit or miss with the number of students who will visit you (at an in-person fair). This way (virtual fair), I have connected with more students than I think I have ever seen at a fair, in one event.
  • I prefer this (virtual recruiting), since I am home with a furnace emergency…. It has been a good flow of students dropping in, and although I can’t always type as fast as I want, I think it’s easier to get personal conversations going with everyone.
  • I think it’s easier on everyone. There are obvious pros and cons to both (in-person and virtual recruiting), but I would like to see more virtual recruitment chats…One young lady didn’t know we existed until this fair, so that was nice.
  • I am enjoying it. Once the students get going, it is a little like virtual pinball. Much more fun that standing at a table hoping someone drops by.
  • The convenience factor is huge! Through this virtual fair, we can also have our student ambassadors speak with prospective students which isn’t always the easiest when we have to balance schedules with their classes.
  • This is very nice since there is no travel involved and it’s been a very user friendly experience…I was able to send a student a video about one of our programs which he viewed and liked.
  • I think just having the chance to talk with students, without having to spend money on accommodations, is the most convenient part about it. Plus, for the students, they have access to a multitude of representatives right at their fingertips without having to attend a law school fair that may not necessarily be close to them.
  • Really enjoying this format…Being able to do it at my desk, I don’t have to be out of the office for 3 days with travel for a short event…. It’s been nice to be able to grab a quick profile about the person, and add them to a short list for follow up later.

Comments from Prospective Students

  • It has been good, I like it! I like being able to talk with many schools at once!
  • Things are going great!...I like the chat room set up. I’m getting all the answers I need in the comfort of my office chair.
  • I’m really enjoying having all of these dream schools at my fingertips. And the fact that I can chat with up to three schools at a time is very convenient…The fact that the rep can have multiple conversations at once (is the best). In person, this is next to impossible. I get my questions answered fully and completely instead of half answered over a room full of students.
  • I really appreciate the fact that I was able to speak to a 3L student. I didn’t think there would be any students that have attended the law school in the chat room…Online I took advantage of the Private Chat to ask and give information about my LSAT score/goals/personal influences.
  • I got to ask multiple admissions officers from various schools questions at the same time without actually being there or having to pick up the phone and make multiple phone calls.